I am an ultrarunner and biomedical engineer originally from Johnstown, Pennsylvania, but now residing in Salt Lake City, Utah. Most of my free time is spent exploring the mountains in my backyard, the Wasatch Front. I've been running for 15 years-- running my first marathon in 2013 and first ultramarathon in 2015. It wasn't until moving to Utah in 2016 for graduate school that I was introduced to mountain running. Running in the mountains is when I feel the strongest, how I've developed my deepest relationships, and where I feel most at home.

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Top 5 Running Achievements

2nd - Bear 100 - 2018
1st & CR - Squaw Peak 50M - 2018 
1st & CR - Laurel Highlands 70M - 2019 
1st - Telluride Mountain Run - 2018
1st & CR - Beaverhead Endurance 55k - 2018


To Date: 
1st & CR - Arches 50k 
1st - Timp Trail Marathon 
1st & CR - Laurel Highlands 70M 

Coming Up: 
Hellgate 100k - December 


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