Since 1999 RaidLight has served the trail running community with the best products to enhance your ability to connect with each other, nature, and to share the trail running experience. Born in the French Alps we continue to blaze new trails through innovation and community building. Helping you find your limits on and off the trail is what drives us to create award winning products.

You are not just a runner, you are a trail runner and demand more from your gear in the toughest environments on the planet. Born in the garage of trail & ultra runner Benoît Laval, RaidLight was founded to support you as a trail runner.

Every day we are searching for the latest technology and ways to push you further in your pursuit to be the best trail runner you can be. You don’t sit idle waiting for trails and adventure to come to you, so neither should we.


Deep in the French Alps in the town of Saint Pierre de Chartreuse lives our headquarters and our INO FAB Rapid Production Lab. In the lab our designers can create and test products in the same day. With endless single track outside our front door we bring products to life faster and more efficiently.

Our headquarters is open to all of the trail running community to learn, play, test gear, and see the latest technology in the outdoor and trail running industry.


We don’t just make trail running gear, we live the life style of trail runners and adventurers. We are next to you when you toe the line at your local race and we follow the same footprints on the trail. We work tirelessly to support the community we are all a part of. Whether you cross a finish line first, last, DNF, or have never started a race you are a part of our family.

Join us and #ShareTheTrailRunningExperience