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The Stage Racing SPECIALIST 

RaidLight is the only running brand with a dedicated line of stage racing gear designed to meet your needs during multi day rugged adventures. Whether you have signed up for a running stage race through the desert, mountains or have started planning an epic multi-day adventure, we have the gear for you. 

The Right Vest to go the distance

Packing smart and having the right vest for your stage racing or personal adventure is key to all day comfort and overall success.  

Responsiv 24L Vest for Men & Women
Our Repsonsiv 24L Vests for Men and Women have been a staple of the stage racing and adventure running community for years. The versatility, durable fabrics, and vest fit will allow you to use this vest for almost any adventure. 

Revolutiv 24l Race Vest
The top of the line long distance race vest the Revolutiv 24L is constructed in our head quarters high in the French Alps. Weighing only 9.1 ounces it is the premier pack for those looking for the lightest fastpacking and multi-day stage racing vest around. 

Adding the RaidLight Front Pack to your vest can be a great addition to to our 24L vests. The front pack adds  2 liters of storage within easy access and helps balance your center of gravity by distributing weight better. This helps promote a more natural running posture, even with a heavy pack.

Trail Running Sun Protection 

Staying protected from the sun during your race is paramount to staying hydrated and not over exerting your self during a full day out. Our sun protect kit, with our Women's Ultra Sun Protect Shirt, Men's Ultra Sun Protect Shirt, and Sahara Desert Running Cap do just that, keep you protected from the sun so you can be at your best even in the hottest deserts. 

Foot Protection

Keeping sand and dirt out of your shoes will help keep your feet in better shape and protect against blisters. 

Get full shoe protection with the RaidLight Desert Gaiter, the most popular gaiter for desert and sandy stage races. The included Velcro strip attaches fully around your shoe helping keep sand from entering your shoe from all aspects. 

Don't need the full shoe protection? check out the Hyper Trail Gaiter for more minimal protection from dirt, sticks, and mud. The padded ankle protection is perfect for alpine environments with loose debris.