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How to Pick the Right Women's Trail Running Hydration Vest 

After trail running shoes, your hydration vest or belt is the most important piece of equipment you need to have an enjoyable run. Staying hydrated and bringing the right gear will help ensure you can safely finish your adventure whether its a training run around your house or multi-day stage race through the mountains. 

There are three important aspects to choosing the right vest. 
1st. Gear Capacity
2nd. Fluid Capacity and Storage Type
3rd. Fit and Weight

Picking the Right Gear Capacity

Are you headed out on a fast paced five miler or a full day mountain adventure?

Having the right capacity of gear storage is paramount to be prepared for what you might encounter while out on your trail run. 3 liter hydration vests such as the UltraLight Revolutiv 3L Race Vest or Women's Activ 3L Run Vest are perfect for short and fast runs where the only needed items are fluid, nutrition, and a lightweight layer. Bump up to 6-12 liters of storage if you are going to be out for a few hours or might encounter adverse weather. Having a waterproof jacket or insulating layer is important if there is chance you might be out longer than you expect. 

A 24 liter vest can be a great choice if you are looking for a highly versatile pack for the long self supported adventure or a fastpacking vest. Frequently used in multi day stage races with the added Front Pack for more storage and better weight distribution.

Bottles Vs. water Bladder or Both

Do you prefer front bottles or hydration bladders? Or do you need the capacity to carry both? 

All RaidLight hydration vests have the capability to carry front hydration bottles. Our EazyFlasks come with straws, but they can easily be removed for a lower profile drink system. The Revolutiv 3L and Revolutiv 12L Race Vests are minimal specialty race vests that are optimized to carry our EazyFlask soft bottles only. 

Activ Run Vests come with a hydration bladder and all other vests come quipped with our 600ml EazyFlask Soft Bottles

Hydration Vest Fit

Each of our three lines of hydration vests is built with a purpose, choosing the right line will ensure you have the right vest no matter the adventure. 

Revolutiv Race Vests
Aggressive, higher back fit for racing and fast trail runs

Responsiv Vests
Traditional middle of the back enveloping vest fit for endless miles of comfortable and efficient trail miles. 

Activ Run Vests
Hybrid backpack vest fit for a relaxed and secure fit.