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Which Trail Running Shoes are Right for You?

Your trail running shoes are the most important piece of equipment you have as you head up the trail. Whether you are going for a quick jog down a dirt road or embarking on a 100 miler high in the Rocky Mountains, make sure you are properly equipped with the right shoe for the conditions you will encounter. Choosing the right trail running shoe insures that you get hundreds of miles of enjoyable miles while staying comfortable, protected, and confident on the trail.

For the Aggressive Alpine Runner

The Men's Revolutiv Trail Running Shoe is built with aggressive tread and a protective outer to keep your feet secure and protected on technical, rugged terrain. A favorite shoe for those running short to mid distance runs on uneven trails. 
Ideal use: 1-50+ miles of technical, alpine terrain
What it's not for: Road running and hot sandy desert conditions


For the Racer

The Men's Responsiv XP Running Shoe is built for the racer. With a 4 mm drop, rock plate, and sticky 4 mm tread it is perfect for fast buffed out trails with the occasional rock and root. The narrower fitting last hugs your foot and provides a secure fitting shoe for fast movements when reaction time is paramount. 
Ideal use: 1-50 mile fast paced runs and races on single track and dirt roads
What it's not for: Technical scrambling


For the Distance Lover

The Men's Responsiv Ultra Trail Running Shoe is built with cushion and distance in mind. The wider toe box and stabilizing heal cup provide comfort and security over the long haul. 

Ideal use: 20-100+ mile runs with a variety of conditions, including road stretches 
What it's not for: Fast & aggressive technical trails


the Daily Driver

The Men's Responsiv Dynamic Trail Running Shoe is built to be versatile and capable of getting you through almost any condition. The aggressive 6 mm tread can tackle technical terrain will the softer cushioned dual density EVA mid sole gives you a comfortable ride even for a 100 miler. The breathable soft upper is great for hot conditions while allowing water to drain if you encounter some puddles or rain. 

Ideal use: 1-100+ mile runs and races with a variety of on trail conditions 
What it's not for: When you are looking for a specialty shoe that excels in one category


What People are Saying

"Built for racing and precise footwork on any type of terrain, the Raidlight Responsiv XP will compete with and likely win against any other trail shoe in your closet...This shoe is fast!"

"The out sole of the Revolutiv really shines, as it is a very sticky rubber that adheres well to all surfaces, wet or dry, rock, slab, snow, mud, off trail scruff with a very deep and aggressive lug depth/configuration."