Men's Responsiv Ultra Footwear- RaidLight
Men's Responsiv Ultra Footwear- RaidLight
Men's Responsiv Ultra Footwear- RaidLight
Men's Responsiv Ultra Footwear- RaidLight
Men's Responsiv Ultra Footwear- RaidLight
Men's Responsiv Ultra Footwear- RaidLight

Men's Responsiv Ultra

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A distance lover’s dream. The Responsiv Ultra trail running shoe gives you maximum comfort over the long haul. Our wide RL Relax Last provides your foot ample room and the high cushion EVA midsole give you the perfect combination for a full day on the trail. The M-Lock Band & Lace System hug your midfoot without causing unnecessary constriction through your long runs. The Responsiv Ultra is the perfect combination of comfort, weight, and security that you need on the trail.

Sensor3 Footbed
Dual density footbed for increase comfort, power, and control.

High Cushion EVA Midsole
A high cushion injected EVA midsole with durable rebound for comfort over the long haul.

Dynamic Sensor Sole
Developed in our Italian R&D lab the Dynamic Sensor Sole gives you high levels of grip and durability on all surfaces.

  • Weight: 270g (9.5 ounces) Per Shoe
  • Insole: Dual Density Sensor3
  • Fit: RL Relax Comfort Last
  • Heel Height: 25mm Stack Height
  • Heel to Toe Drop: 6mm
  • Sole: 4mm Lugged Sensor Ultra Sole
  • Mid Sole: Low Density EVA Midsole for Optimal Comfort
  • Other Feature: M-Lock Band: Metatarsal Lock Band

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
My New 100+ mile shoe

I have ran 231 miles in these beauties and climbed over 30,000′ e.g. I love the fit the most. Very snug across the mid foot and the heel cup is nice and tight. The toe box is just right not too big and sloppy and not too tight. The upper is incredibly rugged and breathable. The overlays are perfectly located in all the places my shoes have worn in the past.
The Dynamic Sensor Sole is grip and comfort in one. The outsole is super grippy on wet rocks, roots and in the mud. I am enjoying that there is no rock plate because the trail feel is perfect. The sole cushioning is firm enough to not feel sharp rocks but soft enough to keep you honest with foot placement. The lugs are around 3-4mm just enough to grip in mud and loose gravel but not deep enough to hold the mud.
To address the achilles problem I have had in the past it seems they knew exactly what I needed, or maybe I’m not the only one to experience this. The upper cushion to the heel cup has flexibility seams built in to help. I guess this means no more achilles holes in my socks and my calluses might go away. All in all this shoe is built for true Mountain Ultra Trail running, with the crazy climbs (6mm drop just right for the calves), insane steep technical descents and village cobblestones, these trail runners have got what it takes to endure the miles. I am so happy they have finally made it to the US from Saint Pierre de Chartreuse, France.

I've missed the Pearl Izumi N3 shoe and I found its replacement

It's not often but when a shoe just fits perfectly--feels just right on your foot from the moment you slide it on--it's divine. That's how this shoe felt on my foot--a relatively narrow, standard arch foot. The upper hugs my foot without any rubbing or hot spots.
The wide toe box leaves room for my toes to splay out but I don't feel like I'm sliding around in the shoe when running.
The 6mm drop is a bit less than I'm used to (I'm a fan of the 4mm Saucony Peregrines) but not so much that I feel I'm losing touch with the ground. The added cushion is nice but not that mega-pillowy soft of some Hokas so I don't feel like I'll snap my ankle while side-hilling.
The sizing feels true to size. I'm a 13 in most all shoes and this is no exception.
The lugged sole feels quite grippy on dirt and loose rocks but I have yet to run these shoes in mud/slick terrain.
A friend with very narrow, flat feet purchased these and he's not as psyched as I am about them. He complains the built-in "sock" tongue is too bulky for his narrow feet and hurts his foot across the top of the foot where the laces are tied. I haven't experienced this. I've already purchased another pair!