Revolutiv 3L Race Vest Hydration Vest- RaidLight
Revolutiv 3L Race Vest Hydration Vest- RaidLight
Revolutiv 3L Race Vest Hydration Vest- RaidLight
Revolutiv 3L Race Vest Hydration Vest- RaidLight
Revolutiv 3L Race Vest Hydration Vest- RaidLight
Revolutiv 3L Race Vest Hydration Vest- RaidLight
Revolutiv 3L Race Vest Hydration Vest- RaidLight
Revolutiv 3L Race Vest Hydration Vest- RaidLight
Revolutiv 3L Race Vest Hydration Vest- RaidLight

Revolutiv 3L Race Vest

GRHMB88 22K00S

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A radically lightweight trail running race vest. The Revolutiv 3L Race Vest weighs only 65grams with a 3L capacity, making this the lightest hydration vest on the market. The ultralight materials, aggressive fit and minimal profile make this a race vest to its core. Giving you all the functionality you need to perform at your best in a no frills minimal package.

Made In France
Made high in the Alps in our St. Pierre de Chartreuse design lab.

Chest Pole Storage
The easiest to access pole storage on the market, stop struggling to access your poles.

Mono-filament Fabric Harness
Ultra fine mesh for added breathability, comfort, and weight savings.

Weight: 65g (2.3 Ounces)
Hydration System: Two 600ml EazyFlasks with Straws Included
Pockets: 1 Main 1.5L Rear Pocket, 2 Zippered Side Pockets, 2 Front Hydration Pockets
Pole Storage: Easy to Access Front Pole Storage
Adjustable Fit System: Two Elastic Chest Straps
Top Features: A Laser Cut, Flat Seam Top of the Line Ultralight Weight Race Vest.
Whistle: Integrated Whistle

Size S M L
Chest 26 - 32 IN 30 - 38 IN 36 - 46 IN



20 years of hydration vest innovation continues. The Revolutiv 3L Race Vest features laser cut fabric, ultralight mono-filament mesh lining, and sublimated printed external stretch fabric. All constructed and sewn in our headquarters high in the French Alps. 
This attention to detail helps remove the barriers to performance you encounter during demanding trail runs, allowing you to excel to your ultimate best.

Race Ready

  • 2.3 ounces - Every ounce counts when speed is paramount. Cutting your vest weight down gives you an advantage over the competition. 

  • Essential Storage - Why run with excess space in your vest? The minimal stretch pockets hold your necessities securely and nothing else to get in your way. 

  • Extreme Breathability - Less weight, and less material means more breathable. Stay cooler better while you push the pace to the finish.  

"The removable pocket is genius as it gives you more on-the-go access to gear and it makes the Resolutiv 12 more versatile [adventures or races!]. The adjustments along the ribs are extremely easy to use as you fine tune the fit of the vest."

"Be sure to check out the new Revolutiv 12L..., which features a flip-able, magnetic-clasped pouch, making a large storage compartment quickly accessible on the fly.."


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Customer Reviews

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Fantastic Vest

Love it. Just did a 50 mile night trail run with it. Wore the vest directly on my skin (no shirt) as it was too hot and humid for both. Finished the race with only a single small abrasion, which I think happened because I didn't push my gear flush in the pocket. This vest is every bit as comfortable as my Salomon X-lab Sense. When you need to carry more water than the Salomon can hold, or you are looking for a first race vest, I highly recommend it.

The two pockets are easy to access. The soft flasks have large mouths that make it easy to refill in the dark--you can even dump in powder if you are careful. Getting the tops back on can be a little tricky, not sure why, but after a few times you get used to the threads. Do not over-tighten the flask or they will be a pain to unscrew later.

This is definitely the coolest and most comfortable way I've found to carry 40 oz of water on your body. Kuddos to RaidLight!

Just what you need for race day or a short run

This is may go-to daily training vest. It is simply perfect for shorter runs or fast racing. The vest is extremely lightweight and breathable. And it carries just what you need. The fit is amazing. It forms to your body and flexes with each breath with no bouncing.

A staple for every runner

I have yet to put this through a long run as I am just starting out my summer training, but so far I absolutely love it. It is incredibly light weight, without the water in it, it feels like you aren't even wearing it. Once you put the water in it, it still is really lightweight and the bottles fit comfortably. It doesn't bounce around at all and feels like second skin on your body. I have had no rubbing issues and stays put. It is super convenient with the bottle straws and there is no hassle to reach and get a quick drink. The pockets are really nice, I found my iPhone XR fits perfectly in the back pocket, with room for a few other essentials and gels, tissues, etc. fit really nice in the zippered side pockets. Overall super pleased with this hydration vest, I have a few in my closet but this is my go to now for any of my runs!